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The way we connect with others is rapidly evolving. Online meetings, virtual events and work from home becoming the new norm, Digital Business Cards and Business Profiles are becoming a staple of everyday life. A Digital Business Card / Business Profile is an online means of sharing contact information. Login to INSTACONNECT and create your branded Digital Business Card / Business Profile / Portable Website instantly. It’s easy and elegant. It’s always with you, so that you don’t have to worry about carrying the conventional paper cards. Like typical business cards, digital business cards can be customized, designed, and shared with anyone and can be easily edited with our user-friendly dashboard.


Digital Business Cards / Business profiles are contactless and it can be easily shared with anyone, anywhere -- simply send by WhatsApp, Email, Text, Social Media or QR code scan. They’re germ-free and no physical contact is required.


They are more affordable than their paper counterparts. You can skip the hassles of designing and printing paper business cards and save the cost of that. Create branded Digital Business Cards for you and your employees with INSTACONNECT.


Your Digital Visiting Card can be easily updated with our user-friendly dashboard, so you won't need to re-print a business card again.


How it works


1. Create your Card

Add video, custom colors, social media, web URLs and more.


2. Save to your Device

Digital Visiting Card is accessible anytime from anywhere


3. Share with friends and colleagues

Share your digital business card with anyone


Affordable prices plus more


One business card, endless possibilities

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Once you have an account on EGLOBALCARD, you can take your time to browse through various pre-designed templates on our website. Not everyone has the same preference, thus you have an option to customize it, so that none of our users are disappointed. Pick the one that you feel will suit your business requirements and customize it accordingly. In addition to your normal contact information (like your name, company, email, and phone number) you can enrich your card with a photo or video, a logo, social media profiles, and more. So that you can score higher in terms of credibility. How can you build your contacts? Simple, just “go with the flow”. In this digital world, your smartphone is your all in one device. Your Digital Business Cards can easily be stowed in them and you can share them with as many people as you want, absolutely at your convenience